Carolyn Baron
Carolyn Baron is an American songwriter, publisher, and music agent, living in Florence, Italy. She's a managing member of Wolfpack Music Group for Positivity in Pop Art. She writes for SixTen Records, Restraint Records and Klavar Records, PLG Music Group, and for the award winning Italian label Drycastle Records.
She has recently joined forces with producer Steve Belgrave (eMixpro) and mastering engineer Pete Maher (Top Floor Music). Expect a lot of great music in the near future from this team.
She is collaborating with vocalist/writer/producer DeeDee Crudup on a number of exciting projects.
She has placed songs in numerous films and television shows,on many artist's CDs, on compilations, and on Coast2Coast mixtapes.
Over the past few years, she has been working closely with American rap artists "Nitebreed", and "PLXDABOSS".
At present, she is also working on new songs with the American electronic duo Stereospread, and McCrei and Earl.C.Webb from the UK.